Command Description Aliases Usage
Help Show's all available commands for the bot. none ;help
ping Check's if the bot is online. latency ;ping
Stats Give's you a little info on the bot. stats, information, statistics ;stats
Quote Gives you a random VSauce quote! quotes ;quote
Useless Get's a random site from The Useless Web uselessweb, theuselessweb ;useless
Gay Checks how gay you are! none ;gay
Meme WIP Gives you a meme from r/memes. none ;meme
Dank meme WIP Gets something dank from r/dankmemes. dankmeme, dank ;dankmeme
Joke WIP Post from r/jokes. none ;joke
Shower Thought WIP Ever had one of those thoughts in the shower you don't think to often, we'll somebody has and they made a subreddit for that! showerthoughts ;showerthought
Dog Gets you a random picture or gif of a dog! doggo ;dog
Cat Gets you a random picture or fig of a cat! none ;cat
Kill Kill's the given user. none ;kill <user>
No U Responds with the reverse card from Uno. none ;nou


Question: Where do i report bugs?

Answer: You can report bugs by joining the discord server here.

Question: What are the commands?

Answer: All the commands are listed just above the faq in the commands section of the website, if you're too lazy to scroll just click here.


Version 2.0.0 WEB 10/14/2018

The website had a huge revamp, i've also decided to start writing messages for updates.

Version 2.0.1 WEB 10/15/2018

A dark theme switcher was added to the website.

Version 2.0.4 BOT 10/15/2018

A ;kill & ;nou command was added to the bot